How to Boost Contact Center Efficiencies with Customer Experience Analytics

The most comprehensive CX Analytics solutions merge speech and text analysis with the metadata elements needed to manage efficiencies including handle time, talk time, transfers, etc. Low-performing agents and their calls can be identified in seconds, and pivoting to speech analysis exposes specific areas that require further coaching and training.

Service Experience: 7 Strategies to Improve First Contact Resolution (FCR)

First contact resolution (FCR) is a crucial metric for customer satisfaction. One of the main ways customers evaluate positive experiences with businesses is their ability to resolve an issue the first time they connect with customer service. Improving FCR in your contact centre can help differentiate your business, drive revenues, and increase customer loyalty. In […]

5 Leadership Lessons for Igniting Growth through Loyalty, Community, and Belonging

Five factors – belonging, trust, hospitality, empowerment, and community – drive Airbnb’s remarkable success, according to customer experience expert Joseph A. Michelli. He reports that the company tries to encourage people to see one another as trustworthy and to foster the concept that travelers can experience a sense of belonging everywhere. To that end, he […]