5 Operational Strategies for Successful Omnichannel eCommerce

Today’s retail customers are demanding. However, the complexity of the technology and the skills needed to achieve true omnichannel operations and experiences have been holding many retailers back. Fortunately, there are unified omnichannel eCommerce platforms on the market today that can significantly simplify the technology aspect, make scaling easy and provide all the critical components […]

Why Investing in and Optimizing Recipe Content Is More Critical

Consumers used to turn to their favourite brands and grocery stores for help in finding the best kid-favourite recipe, providing step-by-step instructions on planning a weekly menu, or setting an elegant table for the holidays. As online grocery shopping has increased, online intermediaries and digital-first grocers are boxing brands and grocers out, dictating the terms […]

Media and Marketing News Headlines Update on October 07, 2020

Testing your digital content The beauty of digital content and advertising is you can evaluate its performance before you fully launch your campaign. A/B testing allows you to receive feedback directly from the people who matter — potential customers. Essentially, you’re tweaking different aspects of your creative (headlines, colours, CTAs) to see which is more […]