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Coming soon: GA4 permissions for Google Ads users

“You can come in, but don’t touch anything” – you, as a Google Analytics 4 admin.

Google just introduced a new cross-product access management model that will allow you to grant Google Ads users’ access to your website’s Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data.

With great privilege…

The new model—which embeds GA4’s audience builder in Google Ads—allows you to assign roles with different permissions.

For instance, an Administrator role gets access to all of your GA4 features, while the Read-Only role is… well, kind of self-explanatory.

Point is, this should make it much easier to create and use GA4 audiences in your ads campaigns. And who doesn’t like taking fewer steps?

And another small update

Google is rolling out support for item-scoped custom parameters for mobile devices and e-commerce events. Good to know.

Why we care

Cross-product user management provides the best of both worlds – you can keep your GA4 property secure and limit the data you want to give out to users.

At the same time, it should streamline the process in-between different channels. Sounds good to us!

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