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Edge AI Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

Edge AI makes it possible for artificial intelligence algorithms to run locally, either on the device or on the server closest to the device.

Run large number of machine learning AI algorithms on a physical hardware local device or machine which allows users to get data in real-time without other systems or internet connections to connect to others needed.

Edge AIR Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

Some of the advantages of edge AI include improved privacy, security, latency and load balancing.

The edge AI market is forecasted to grow to $1.15B by 2023 (representing a CAGR of 27%).

What’s Next

Edge AI is part of the TinyML meta trend.

Tiny machine learning is a technique that shrinks deep learning networks to fit into small hardware.

Global shipments of TinyML chipsets are expected to reach 2.5 billion units by 2030.

This represents a 164x increase from its 2020 levels of 15.2 million units.



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