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Emerging Technology Industry News Headlines Update on September 03, 2020

Confluent Platform 6 update added integration with cluster linking to open-source Apache Kafka event streaming platform, bringing more scalability for deployments that span multiple clouds. Read more at Confluent Press Release > Confluent Advances the Event Streaming Category with the Easiest Way to Connect Event Data Across Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

Google cloud database updates with a series of incremental improvements and new capabilities to Cloud Spanner, Bigtable data store, Firestore mobile database, and other data management services.

Grid raises $12 million in Series A venture capital financing led by led by New Enterprise Associates. BlueYard Capital, Slack Fund and Acequia Capital. Grid is ready to go to market. Read more at Grid Blog > GRID closes $12M in Series A funding round led by NEA

AWS CloudFront adds support for real-time viewer request access log delivery to Kinesis Data Streams.

AWS Systems Manager now supports automatic patching for Ubuntu up to version 20.04 using Patch Manager.

Pure Storage unveils the second generation of FlashArray//C storage platform which capable to match a hybrid array with an all-flash storage setup and eliminates the need for hard-disk storage. The FlashArray//C which positioned under the FlashArray//X, intended for tier 2 workloads. Read more at Pure Storage Newsroom > Second Generation FlashArray//C from Pure Storage Makes All-Flash More Accessible and Renders Hybrid Solutions Obsolete

Researchers in UCL have logged new world-record fastest Internet speed over optical fibre – 178Tbps, using 16.8THz bandwidth ranges and variety of amplifier technologies to customize each wavelength to optimize its performance as measured by phase, brightness and polarization. These customization packages are known as geometric signal constellations. Read more on UCL News > UCL engineers set new world record internet speed

Google Anthos update adds initial support for Google AI technology on-premises, Speech-to-Text On-Prem, includes support for five languages. This new version of Anthos hybrid container management and orchestration platform integrated with more of cloud services, improved developer productivity, security and bare-metal deployments for large enterprise customers. Read more at Google Cloud Blog > Anthos rising—now easier to use, for more workloads

Cisco acquires BabbleLabs to enhance Webex voice quality through better background noise suppression over mobile phones, softphones on a PC or video conferencing to helps people focus during business calls and video conferencing sessions, a feature already developed by Google and Microsoft partners with Krisp.

Zoom partial outage for roughly six-hour service disruption blamed on the application-level bug caused the first day of online classes to delay, according to the statement released. Zoom committed to intensely focusing on scaling the cloud technology behind the video conferencing service.


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