Media and Marketing News Headlines Update on September 23, 2020

The power of the case study

The humble case study is a useful tool for content marketers to show the real-world success of products and services. Done correctly, it combines storytelling, humour, emotional pull, and measurable results. Think of them as business level consumer reviews. There is a process to follow through: Problem, Solution followed by Results.

Part of your marketing mix

According to HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report 2020, 13% of marketers name case studies as one of the primary forms of media used within their content strategy. So while case studies aren’t the main focus of marketing, they are great destination resources that customers find via social, EDMs or digital advertising. Whichever way you lead a customer to a case study, you need to make it worth their while. The key to a successful pay-off is engaging storytelling.

Why storytelling matters

Consumers will always remember an engaging narrative, especially if they are attention-grabbing, memorable and emotive. You can take your customers anywhere along the digital path but if the messaging doesn’t stick, what’s the point? When it comes to what consumers relate to in a story, science says it’s the characters. Just the type of satisfied customers you could showcase in your own case study.

Privacy and targeted ads

The latest iPhone update has caused a stoush between Facebook and Apple. Facebook claims privacy changes in the update won’t allow it to serve targeted ads to iPhone users outside of its app. The social media company’s Audience Network business essentially allowed it to connect a Facebook identity with its off-platform activities.

Too much targeting

The move by Apple comes at a time of push back against targeted advertising. In Europe and Britain, Facebook and Google are under pressure to stop targeting under-18s with advertising. They want to avoid the situation in the US where it’s believed adtech groups have 72 million data points on a child by the time they turn 13. Hardware companies are in the firing line too, with Samsung accused of overloading its Galaxy smartphone with targeted ads.

Can targeting backfire?

Sometimes targeted advertising can simply be too much. Facebook and Google have a lot of data on you so the stream of ads based on search history and online activity can feel relentless. It can also have negative consequences, especially when it comes to the death of a loved one or a medical condition. The barrage of ads related to these topics constantly reminds consumers about issues they’re facing. No wonder ad-blocking is on the rise.

Project management platform Wrike shows how most of your work tools — email, spreadsheets, whiteboards — are outdated, 70s tech.

Not-for-profit World Mosquito Program uses unique 2D animations to explain its scientific approach to handle dengue fever.

World Mosquito Program from Jumbla on Vimeo.

Zurich Insurance partners with outsider media group Vice to look at how climate change will affect your dream home (hint, it will be wet).

A Dutch scientist for LED lighting company, Signify, discusses the importance of natural light for human life and then sells an unnatural lighting solution. #sustainability #StayHealthy #BrighterLivesBetterWorld #WeAreSignify #ConnectedLighting

Instead of showing off its products, which are made for video content, LEGO uses animation to discuss play and learning.

Nureva Inc. announced the formation of Nialli Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary focused on enabling the digital transformation of processes used by collaborative teams.

AVIXA commits to accelerating diverse representation across stages and presentations. AVIXA will be accelerating the representation of women, non-binary genders, disabled individuals, Black, Indigenous and people of color across the industry.

Powersoft to present a new approach to system design. Powersoft will host a global launch event on October 1 to introduce a new way to design, control and manage install projects.

IMCCA announces collaboration thanksgiving webcast. The IMCCA is hosting a webcast on November 17 to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the AV industry, how organizations responded and what can be expected going forward.

Exponation LLC, producer of DSE and other events, files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. As a result of the impact COVID-19 has had on the live events industry, Exponation LLC (producer of Digital Signage Expo, LED Specifier Summit, LightShow West, and West Coast Lighting Insider) has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Audio-Technica’s Phil Cajka to retire, Manabu Aoki becomes CEO. Phil Cajka, President and CEO of Audio-Technica U.S., will retire March 31, 2021, after being with the organization since 1981.

Industry mourns KV2 Sales Director David Croxton. KV2 Audio announced that David Croxton, Sales Director at the company for nine years, died as the result of a fatal accident. He was 59 years old.

Matrox merges two divisions, introduces new Matrox Video. Matrox has merged its Video division with its Graphics division under the Matrox Video brand.

The abnormal Emmys somehow achieved a sense of normalcy. Even though the ceremony went remote and used 130 cameras to connect to nominees around the globe, the rhythms of TV’s biggest night offered a delightful mix of spontaneity, timeliness and familiarity.

Atoning over Zoom: How video technology will connect Jews during the high holidays. Rabbi Joshua Heller shares how he worked with Zoom to make the video chat platform more Shabbat- and Jewish-holiday-friendly, and how the COVID-19 pandemic convinced skeptical worship leaders to allow virtual minyans for the first time.

PS5 and Xbox Series X can game in 8K resolution. should you care? While these consoles are technically capable of outputting an 8K signal, that’s not the entire story. In reality, the vast majority of games on the new consoles will be 4K at best, and those that claim 8K resolution will rarely be actual 8K.

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