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Osmanthus is an herb native to East Asia, where it is used for tea and traditional medicine.

But the essential oil version of osmanthus is increasingly used for its potential skincare and emotional well-being benefits.

In fact, osmanthus essential oil sales are projected to increase to $1.4B by 2026 (CAGR of 8.7%).

And there are now over 120 results for osmanthus essential oil on Amazon.

Emerging brands in this niche include Akarz, Plant Gift and Lagunamoon.

What’s next

Osmanthus is part of the sensory healing meta trend.

The global alternative and complementary medicine market is currently estimated to be $82.2B. And the industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.03% through 2028.

Today, only 5.8% of that market is made up of sensory healing products and services. But that’s set to grow significantly over the next 24-36 months.

Interview Kickstart

Interview Kickstart runs cohort-based programs that coach programmers how to ace technical interviews.

The startup claims to have helped over 9,000 engineers get jobs at FAANG and other top tier tech companies.

The company is bootstrapped and their programs cost around $7k.

What’s next

Interview Kickstart is part of the “knowledge coaching” meta trend.

Search interest in business coaching has almost doubled in the last 5 years.

Mental coaching searches are up 97%.

And virtual health coaches (up 30X).

We’re also seeing a rise in professional coaching platforms like Wojo, CoachHub and Greator.

Plus niche coaching platforms – like Rangeforce for interactive cybersecurity (searches up 225%).


Curiada is an online spirit marketplace.

The platform curates a collection of “unique and lesser-known spirits”. And currently offers over 260 alcohol products, ranging from gin to cognac.

For every product in the catalog the store provides information on tasting notes, product awards, founder facts, and suggested ways to enjoy the drink.

Curiada regularly posts cocktail recipes and offers cocktail sets to cultivate a “spirits experience” at home.

The retailer generated nearly 160K total visits in December 2021 – a 45% increase over the previous month.

What’s next

Curiada is part of the “DTC specialty alcohol” meta trend.

DTC alcohol sales are poised to grow by nearly $3B between 2019 and 2024 at a CAGR of 24%.

And analysts have identified premiumization opportunities for alcohol brands post-pandemic. In fact, US sales of premium-and-above spirits has seen 7–10% growth for the last two years running.

Ohza offers a twist on classic mimosas with its regional transportation district (RTD) format. The brand retails alcoholic beverages with fewer calories and less sugar per bottle compared with traditional recipes. Ohza raised $4M in a June 2021 funding round.

US-based brand Pomp & Whimsy distills gin liqueur with floral and botanical notes. These are designed to pair well with fresh cocktail recipes. The business “accelerated its growth” with a $2.65M round in July 2021.

JuneShine and Jiant Kombucha are two examples of brands that compete in a growing category of hard kombuchas. And Drizly reported 2134% year-over-year hard kombucha sales growth.

Murder Mystery Box

Murder mystery boxes are subscription boxes that contain a series of clues and provide an interactive story to solve.

Hunt a killer is one of the bigger players with $5M in monthly revenue (after launching to just 146 subscribers for $25/mo in late 2016).

The brand also has an average of 4.7 stars over 4.6k reviews on Trustpilot.

A range of more recent competitors have emerged to ride the 6x growth in “murder mystery box” search demand since 2017.

Crimibox, a murder mystery box aimed just at Belgians, generates $85K in revenue per month.

There’s also Escape the Crate, Cosykiller, and Deadbolt Mystery Society all showing rapid growth in search demand.

What’s next

Murder mystery boxes are part of the Tabletop Games meta trend.

The global market for board games is forecast to hit $21.56B by 2025 (CAGR of 8.7%). And, despite the pandemic, searches for “tabletop game” have been growing year-over-year for the last 5 years.

And the board game Frosthaven raised $13M on Kickstarter from 83,193 backers. Which makes it the third highest funded project ever on Kickstarter.

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