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Regulations: Digital Services Act (DSA) arrives

It’s been brewing for some time – and now it’s here.

The Digital Services Act (DSA) came into force yesterday.

The act is expected to add a new set of regulations that should place larger online platforms under a “unique new transparency and accountability framework”, among other things.

Who will be impacted by DSA: The act will impact all online services, but the big guns will be under more scrutiny.

The EU will first determine which platforms fall into very large online platforms (VLOPs) and very large online search engines (VLOSEs) categories – if they do, they’ll have tougher oversight and an extra layer of regulation.

According to the EU, any platform or search engine that has more than 10% of the EU population—or 45 million users—falls into the “very large” category. You’ve guessed it – Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon all tick the boxes.

What will be the impact: The act focuses on “limiting the spread of illegal content and products online, increasing protection of minors, and giving users more choice and better information.”

The DSA will require platforms to carry out annual analysis on the above matter and will also enforce new transparency rules that should allow users to opt out of user tracking.

After the EU decides that the platform is “very large,” they’ll provide a four-month window for them to adjust before they start sanctioning – with fines up to 6% of their annual global turnover.

Why we care: Obviously, DSA could have huge impacts on large platforms like Facebook, Google, and quite possibly Twitter – and if you look at the latest developments with the “bird app,” it all points toward an interesting 2023.

But let’s get back to the topic of holiday prep…



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