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Resume Checker Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

Resume checkers are AI-supported resume appraisal software tools. For instance, resume checkers may advise a user to include more action words, replace vague claims, and reduce the amount of filler text.

Resume Checker Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

These tools are often built to optimize a resume with the same preferences used by resume screening software.

Therefore, interest in this product category is increasing as they serve as a “countermeasure” to resume screening software utilized by HR departments.

Resume Worded and EnhanCV are examples of trending resume checking software startups.

What’s Next

Resume checkers are part of the Resume Software meta trend.

Approximately 95% of Fortune 500 companies already use an “applicant tracking system” to evaluate resumes.

However, most of the recent surge in resume tech is happening on the employee side.

Examples of trending resume software categories include:

  • Resume building software allows people to develop the right resume template and format for their industry and experience.
  • Resume writing software uses AI to write resumes from scratch.
  • Resume interviewing software prepares candidates by asking them questions regarding their resumes that will likely be asked during the interview process.
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