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Supply Chain, Retail and Grocery News Headlines Update on November 24, 2020

Walmart and Tastemade rolled out the shoppable video streaming content “Struggle Meals” cooking show series hosted by chef Frankie Celenza, to lets viewers text an on-screen number to add suggested ingredients to a virtual Walmart shopping cart, and place an order for pickup or delivery.

Walgreens announced to revamp app and loyalty program for mobile users to chat with a pharmacist, obtain real-time flu alerts, book medical care, and vaccination appointments. In the free sign up myWalgreens program, customers can shop online or via mobile, and pick up purchases in-store, curbside or at the retailer’s drive-thrus in about 30 minutes; offers 1% Walgreens Cash rewards storewide, 5% Walgreens Cash rewards on the company’s branded products and personalized deals for members. Read more at Walgreens Reinvents Nation’s Largest Health and Wellbeing-centered Loyalty Program with myWalgreens to Offer Customers Many More Benefits

Foodbank warehouses prep to serve up demand

Food banks have seen unprecedented demand throughout the pandemic, and their busiest season is arriving, putting their supply chains to the test.

Foodbank warehouses prep to serve up demand

A North Carolina food bank had so much volume, it started renting trailers to store goods. By early November, a Minnesota food bank had distributed 126 million pounds of food, compared to 119 million for all of 2019.

The pandemic sadly created an enormous demand for food banks. But there’s happy news: Donations weren’t in short supply. The hurdle was moving products quickly through the supply chain.

That challenge is about to magnify with Thanksgiving and Christmas upon us. So food banks are getting creative.

Target builds fulfilment capacity …

The retailer fulfilled 95% of sales from stores in Q3. It’s further validation of Target’s story-centric fulfilment model — but that method requires store space for picking and packing.

Enter the post-store sortation centre. Target opened its first one in Minneapolis in Q3, freeing up space in the backroom.

… while Kroger builds its fulfilment tech stack

The grocery chain will use Ocado’s software and tech for store fulfilment of pickup orders.

Ocado’s picking tech works very much like a warehouse-optimization tool. It helps store workers find products more quickly and batches orders by store zones.

Kroger will use Ocado's software and tech for store fulfillment of pickup orders.

Kroger will use Ocado’s software and tech for store fulfilment of pickup orders.

201,000: The square footage of Bark’s new warehouse that adds needed fulfillment capacity to its network. Source: Bark

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