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Returnship – Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

Returnship is a professional internship designed for workers returning from an extended career break.

The concept has been for over a decade. However, returnships are trending again due to the surge of people re-entering the workforce after leaving their jobs during the early days of the pandemic (approximately 2 million women dropped out of US labor since the pandemic began).

Returnship - Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

A growing number of companies have also started to offer returnships as a way to attract additional talent.

For instance, Amazon announced that they plan to open 1,000 returnship positions.

Many businesses are following suit: there are currently 605 results on Glassdoor for returnship jobs.

What’s Next

Returnships are part of the Post-Pandemic Workforce meta trend.

Some examples of post-pandemic workforce changes include:

The rise in contingent workers. 32% of organizations are using contingent workers to replace their full-time workers as a way to reduce their costs.

Talent sharing is becoming more common. This refers to initiatives where businesses agree to share staff members that possess in-demand skills.

More HR departments are seeking fractional CMOs that work part-time for several different companies at once.

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