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Silvopasture Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

Silvopasture is an agricultural practice that combines tree, livestock management and grazing on the same land.

Silvopasture Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

Interest in silvopasture is increasing because recent studies have shown that this practice provides three main benefits to farmers:

  • Increased animal wellbeing
  • Diversified production
  • Enhanced ecosystem health

Silvopasture is expected to be implemented in around 40% of the world’s grazing lands within the next five years (this number is currently at approximately 15%).

What’s Next

Silvopasture is part of the Regenerative Agriculture meta trend.

Searches for “regenerative agriculture” have increased by 709% over the last five years.

Regenerative agriculture is an approach that aims to not just limit damage, but actually improve agriculture’s impact on the environment. Early data suggests that regenerative agriculture can actually be more profitable over the long term.

For instance, one study showed that a $57B investment in regenerative agriculture practices would return $1.9T in savings and increase farmers’ profit.

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