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Slow Feeder Bowl – Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

Slow feeder bowls have a series of holes, walls, and shapes that make it purposely difficult for a pet to eat. This category is emerging as a popular way to slow down the eating process of pets and thus, reduce the risk of bloating and choking.

Slow Feeder Bowl - Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

Demand for this product category is also increasing due to a growing number of DTC pet startups starting to sell slow feeder bowls.

One popular pet DTC startup is Outward Hound. Their slow feeder bowl generates an estimated $7K/day on Amazon.

What’s Next

Slow feeder bowls are part of the Pet Health Accessories meta trend.

The pet health market is estimated to be approximately $40B.

While pet medication currently makes up the largest share of this market, health accessories are growing quickly.

Here are examples of trending pet health accessories:

  • Pet anxiety beds are designed to help anxious and stressed pets calm down.
  • Smart dog collars can track various metrics and inform owners when these indicators change.
  • Elevated bowls are feeding bowls elevated off the ground. They help release pressure off a pet’s neck when eating or drinking.