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While the immediacy of digital marketing offers major opportunities, it also introduces risk for brands with its difficult-to-control nature. Learn more in this article. While it’s crucial to let influencers embrace their creativity and develop authentic, relevant content, companies must balance that with protecting their brand. Sure, influencer content can help boost your brand’s reach …

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Digital media is growing at a faster rate each year than traditional media. In 2021, digital advertising alone made about 4% of all marketing budgets. So, if your business contributes to this percentage, it would also be wise to check on how you’re progressing. But how do you go about doing that? Digital marketing KPIs …

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A remote interview is an interview that is done virtually. Typically, the interview is completed on a computer using a video platform. This type of interview provides challenges that face-to-face interviews do not, such as use of technology, lighting, and sound. In this reading, you will learn tips to have a successful remote interview.

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When interviewing with potential employers, it’s important to communicate who you are, your value as an e-commerce or digital marketing professional, and what you’re searching for in a job. A simple way to do this is with an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a short, memorable description that explains an idea, business, or service …

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Now that you have the skills and knowledge to work in e-commerce and digital marketing, it’s time to start preparing for interviews. Interview Warmup is a tool that helps you practice answering questions to get more confident and comfortable with interviewing.

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