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Elon’s message to advertisers, Google’s podcast placements, and more

We’re holding up five fingers, because that’s how many ad updates we have for you… Twitter gets Elon’d: After barging into Twitter’s HQ carrying a sink, Elon Musk published a much more serious statement to advertisers. “Twitter cannot become a free-for-all hellscape,” he said, adding that it should be the “most respected ad platform in …

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More power to Groups

The best stuff on Facebook happens in Groups. And—to the joy of everyone involved—Facebook decided to add more features to Groups. Reels, events, relationships: After announcing Community Chats in Groups last month, Meta is expanding ways to make the Group experience even more personal: Group profile updates allow members to customize the “About me” section …

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Gloomy days in the metaverse

If Meta’s business was a TV show, it would probably be called Mark Zuckerberg’s Series of Unfortunate Events. According to The Wall Street Journal—who got a look into the company’s internal documents—the Metaverse project is failing to meet performance expectations. No Sun at the horizon: The major Metaverse project Horizon Worlds expected to attract half …

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