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AI video generators are here

That escalated quickly… Just months after AI image generators entered the mainstream, Meta raised the bar by announcing Make a Video, their text-to-video generator. Lights, camera, input: Just like AI image tools, Meta’s Make a Video generator transforms text prompts into video content. You’ll also be able to turn still images into videos, just like …

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Twitch’s Host Mode Choice

Twitch plans to drop the wildly lauded “Host Mode” feature from its streams. But Why Tho In a universally confusing move, Twitch’s “Host Mode” feature is slated to disappear from channels this October. BTW: Host Mode allows streamers to host other creator streams on their channels while their main streams are offline. It’s been highly …

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New guide to developing resilient strategies just dropped

We’re getting strong Nassim Nicholas Taleb vibes from this one… Time to become antifragile: Meta partnered with Deloitte Consulting to create a Signal Resilience Guide to help marketers take action against signal—also known as data—losses. Meta recommends: Understanding the position of your business. Is your business aware of the shifting landscape? Do you understand what …

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