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The underutilized audience that can be publishers’ biggest growth potential

A few years ago, millennials dominated the social landscape. But they are no longer the new savvy internet users on the block. Now, Gen Z has the attention of marketers and publishers alike when it comes to leveraging trends and measuring online behavior. Here’s why it’s crucial for publishers to capitalize on teens’ time spent …

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TikTok rules the Facebook feed

Ever come across a pond so covered in algae, you can’t see the water? That basically sums up Facebook’s relationship with TikTok right now… Green and viewed all over: In Meta’s recent Widely Viewed Content Report, Gizmodo discovered an interesting insight… TikTok accounts for 35.9M of the views in users’ feeds. That makes TikTok links …

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Now introducing podcasts

Fire up that mic and adjust your headset… Twitter announced they’ve begun integrating podcasts with the redesigned Spaces tab, meaning you may soon find your favorite audio creators on the platform. Sounds pretty good: Twitter says the redesigned Spaces tab will include personalized hubs that recommend podcasts based on your interests and Twitter interactions. Users …

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