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TikTok: Trouble in Europe?

A top European Union (EU) official has urged TikTok to comply with upcoming content rules or face a ban. Yikes. What he said: EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton tweeted, “With younger audiences comes greater responsibility.” With younger audiences comes greater responsibility. As a platform reaching millions of young Europeans, #TikTok has to fully comply …

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Is there hope for TikTok in the US?

The clock’s been “tiking” for TikTok ever since the US banned the app on government devices. And TikTok is already making moves to prevent a nationwide ban from happening… Transparency talks: The discussions between ByteDance—TikTok’s parent company—and US officials and lawmakers are becoming more urgent. So ByteDance has proposed “measures to ensure oversight” in an …

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What’s next for TikTok?

No, we don’t mean the United States’ proposed banning of the platform. TikTok released its What’s Next 2023 Trend Report, outlining key marketing and content creation shifts that could happen in the coming year. TikTok predicts three “major forces” will drive changes: Actionable entertainment, or, incorporating platform-native entertainment content in your promotions.  “When advertising messaging …

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