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Vet Telehealth – Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

Vet telehealth refers to virtual check-ups and visits for pets. Interest in virtual telehealth solutions is increasing primarily because they’re significantly cheaper than traditional pet care (8 out of 10 pet owners avoid vet visits for financial reasons).

Vet Telehealth - Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

Virtual visits have proven to be a surprisingly effective way to assess a pet’s health. One study has found that pet telemedicine assessments were correct in 99.4% of cases.

An increasing number of startups are launching vet telehealth solutions, further accelerating this trend.

Vetster, PetDesk and Airvet are examples of trending vet telehealth platforms.

And there is plenty of room for future growth in this segment: forecasts show that this market is estimated to grow 3.5x over the next six years.

What’s Next

Vet telehealth is part of the Digital Pet Care meta trend.

The entire pet medical care process is rapidly going virtual.

In addition to virtual vet visits, people are now also buying pet medications online.

In fact, online sales of pet medications now represent 19% of total pet medications sales (this number has grown 3x in the last two years).

Which explains why even major players like Chewy have launched online pet pharmacies.