book summary


Accelerate Your Career, Master Hard Tasks and Outsmart the Competition

Introduction: Get the lowdown on how to master hard skills with ease.

Ultralearning is the smart, strategic way to skill up for personal fulfillment and professional advantage.

Metalearning is a crucial, yet overlooked, step for reaching a big-picture understanding of your field.

Simple mental strategies can defend against distractions and refine your focus

Taking the shortest route from theory to practice allows you to skill up smoothly.

Use drilling to hone your skills to perfection.

Using challenging recall strategies is the best way to retrieve information you’ve learned.

Elicit high-quality feedback to identify your weaknesses and improve your performance.

Smart, strategically-spaced memorization sessions ensure that what you learn really sticks.

Cultivating deep understanding is the surest path to finding your intuitive brilliance.

Strategic experimentation lays the groundwork for true innovation.

Actionable advice: Pick the brain of an expert.