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How to Strategically Advance Career with Timeless Advice from Industry Leader Amii Barnard-Bahn

Podcast Summary to How to Advance Your Career with Amii Barnard-Bahn by Amii Barnard-Bahn and Ann Parker. Tips straight from the top on standing out, gaining influence, and achieving your career goals, no matter your industry or experience level. Listen to the full interview for both big picture advice and tactical moves to power up your career accomplishments.

Amii shares how she ascended to CEO despite naysayers, along with tips to energize any career. From engaging mentors to developing your personal brand, Amii emphasizes continual learning and pushing limits politely.

Timeless Advice on How to Strategically Advance Your Career from Industry Leader Amii Barnard-Bahn

Ann and Amii discuss recognizing opportunities through active networking and crafting a compelling narrative. Importantly, focus on outcomes over titles and know it’s not about the next job, but 10 years from now. Authenticity, empathy and knowing your strengths are emphasized.

Listeners gain insight on championing diversity, gaining respect at any level and overcoming self-doubt. Amii proves career success is a marathon requiring strategy, continuous effort and adapting to change. This interview motivates all to thoughtfully advance in their own optimal way.


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Step into the driver’s seat of your career trajectory in this episode of ATD’s Talent Development Leader podcast with insights from host Ann Parker and career expert Amii Barnard-Bahn. Learn to leverage the Promotability Index for a clear, actionable path to professional advancement. Discover how to excel in crucial areas that decision-makers scrutinize when considering promotions. Gain the tools to provide and receive precise, constructive feedback. Tackle the nuances of peer relationships, and understand how these connections influence your career.


  • To gain promotion, build valuable relationships and align your career path with your values and goals.
  • Take charge of your learning and growth and seek critical feedback when you become stagnant.
  • Take a creative approach to your career.


To gain promotion, build valuable relationships and align your career path with your values and goals.

To climb the corporate ladder, prioritize building relationships and networking as you reach a senior level in your career. Career consultant Amii Barnard-Bahn notes that once people reach a certain level at a company, almost everyone has the same experience. So moving up becomes more contingent on your office relationships and people skills.

“I find that people tend to over-index their credentials, and they can get stuck at middle management.” (Amii Barnard-Bahn)

Take ownership of your career trajectory. While organizational support is beneficial, your decision to seek learning opportunities and push toward new horizons ultimately determines your career’s direction. This self-driven approach, combined with a deep understanding of your personal values – and the integration of career goals with personal circumstances such as family commitments – creates a well-rounded, strategic path to promotion. For example, if your priorities shift toward building a family, taking on fewer responsibilities at work lets you maintain the high quality of your work and gives you time to spend with loved ones.

Take charge of your learning and growth and seek critical feedback when you become stagnant.

Focus on aspects within your control. Plan and invest in your career proactively. Utilize Bahn’s “Promotability Index Assessment” – available on her website, – an assessment composed of 82 questions that help you evaluate skills that decision-makers consider when assessing performance and determining who to promote or invest in.

You can use the results of your Promotability Index assessment to discuss the areas in which you can improve with your boss and colleagues. Seek their perspectives to ensure everyone regards your performance through the same lens. Their feedback may help uncover hidden talents and formulate action steps to boost your promotability. The Promotability Index also gives teams a shared language for exchanging feedback.

“There are so many [areas] where you have blind spots.” (Amii Barnard-Bahn)

Career conversations that are specific, non-personal and focused on action allow people to align their personal growth with organizational needs. This creates a Venn diagram of shared goals and fosters a culture where employees take ownership of their development. Shift the focus away from reviews of past performance and feedback such as, “You’re just not there yet.” Embrace forward-looking, actionable growth plans. For instance, “You need to work on your cross-department communication.”

Take a creative approach to your career.

Consider lateral career moves. Often underestimated, these can provide opportunities and satisfaction that rival vertical advancements. Barnard-Bahn transitioned from a law firm to a career in human resources, which meant initially accepting a pay cut and a perceived status drop. However, the new position aligned more closely with her values and areas of interest. Lateral moves also foster agility, deepen expertise and facilitate continuous learning, which fuels long-term personal growth and career fulfillment.

“I highly recommend people go out there and follow their passions. Humans are incredible with their ability to learn and pivot to new things.” (Amii Barnard-Bahn)

Follow your curiosity and embrace a creative approach to career development. People are living and working longer. Don’t let corporate America’s tendency to discriminate against older workers hold you back. By fostering your network, pursuing personal interests, continuing to learn and keeping an open mind, you can carve out a desirable career path at any stage. A proactive stance and a refusal to let fear dictate career choices enable individuals to remain relevant, agile and successful.

About the Podcast

Ann Parker is the Associate Director and Talent Leader Consortiums at ATD. Amii Barnard-Bahn is a consultant and coach to C-Suite leaders.

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