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AI Marketing: a multimodal, multilingual chat AI

Hope you’ve been practicing those chat prompts… because GPT-4 is arriving sooner than you probably thought.

Microsoft Germany announced that the new iteration of Open AI’s game-changing language model is debuting this week.

ChatGPT, but with visuals

GPT-4 will be “multimodal,” meaning you’ll be able to generate videos from text, and even sound. Wow.

Not that we’re surprised. Microsoft already said it’s working on the multimodal capabilities of its AI tools when announcing Kosmos-1.

One for all

GPT-4 is supposed to work in all languages. You can ask a question in German and get an answer in Italian.

You’ve used Google Translate, right? Now imagine a translator that can pull data and insight from any language online and summarize it in English. Powerful.

When it’s coming

We don’t have a hard date yet, but Microsoft is holding a special event about “the future of AI ” this Thursday, and company head Satya Nadella will be there.

So… maybe Thursday?

Why we care

Getting results from ChatGPT’s textual outputs is pretty cool. But soon you should be able to generate videos and sounds, too.

And that sounds like just another tool in your marketing kit.

It will be interesting to see what kind of impact this has on the tech and marketing industry.

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