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Summary: The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success by Ed Mylett

  • The book is a motivational and inspirational guide to help readers achieve their personal and professional goals by applying the power of one more in every aspect of their lives.
  • The book covers various areas, such as developing a servant leadership mindset, building self-confidence, changing one’s identity, creating a vision and a plan, developing habits and routines, using the power of questions, listening, and paraphrasing, managing conflict and disruption, designing and running effective meetings, using creativity, innovation, analysis, prioritization, decision-making, and commitment tools, handling online challenges and special situations, and supporting and reinforcing the results and actions of oneself and others.
  • The book is based on the author’s extensive experience and research on personal development, performance coaching, meeting facilitation, and leadership. The book also reflects the latest trends and developments in these areas. The book is also a valuable resource for meeting participants and leaders, as it helps them understand the role and responsibilities of a facilitator, the benefits of effective meetings, and the best practices for collaborating in meetings.

“You’re a lot closer to changing your life than you think. You’re one more meeting, one more relationship, one more decision, one more action, or one more thought from leading the life you deserve.” – Ed Mylett

Find the strength to take one more swing at a change you’re trying to make by adopting three “one more” ways of thinking.

“One more” degree

Your life is governed by your standards.

Your standards are like a setpoint on an identity thermostat in your mind. Just as the thermostat in your house maintains a set temperature by turning on the furnace when the temperature drops below the setpoint, you maintain an identity setpoint by getting your butt in gear when your results dip below your standards.

  • If your fitness thermostat is set at 75 degrees, you have low fitness standards and will wait until you are 20 pounds overweight or get winded while walking up a flight of stairs before you get a gym membership and make your fitness a priority.
  • If your professional thermostat is set at 100 degrees, you have high professional standards. Therefore, you triple check important emails before hitting send and read business books to discover new work strategies and get better business results.

[Book Summary] The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success

Mylett says (paraphrased), “Can you tolerate the business results you’re currently getting and the money you currently make? If you can, that’s what you’re going to continue getting. It’s only when you decide that you can no longer tolerate the results you’re getting that you start to change them.”

Raise your identity setpoint one degree each day and no longer tolerate mediocrity in all areas of your life by focusing on what Mylett calls the “trilogy of identity change:” faith, intention, and association. Renew your faith in your capacity to do great things, repeat an intention of the great things you want to do, and associate with people who are doing great things each day, and you will increase your identity thermostat setpoint one more degree.

The more your identity thermostat setpoint increases, the more you will push yourself to live the life you deserve. But if you don’t have the self-confidence to support your identity setpoint, you won’t maintain a high identity setpoint. That is why you must commit to doing “one more” than you promise.

“One more” than you promise

“Self-confident people share one habit in common, and that is the ability to keep the promises they make to themselves.” – Ed Mylett

What if you keep your promises to yourself…and do one more?

  • When you go to the gym, you not only complete the three sets you planned…you do one more set.
  • When you sit down to meditate, you not only complete your 20-minute meditation…you do one more minute.
  • When it’s time to do your deep work for the day, you not only push your focus for 50 minutes…you push yourself one more time before quitting.

Doing one more than you promised may not seem like a big deal, but over time it leads to unstoppable self-confidence because you know that few other people keep their promises and even fewer do more than they promise.

“One more” day today

Several years ago, Ed Mylett decided that his day would no longer start when he woke and end when he went to bed. Instead, his “first day” would start at 6 a.m. and end at noon. His “second day” would start at noon and end at 6 p.m. And his “third day” would start at 6 p.m. and end at midnight. Mylett says, “I’m living more than 1,000 days in the same timeframe as others who think of themselves as living in a 365-day year. Who do you think has the advantage?”

By compressing his day to a six-hour block, Mylett moved up the finish line and made each day a sprint. He now lives with a greater sense of urgency and does not have time to procrastinate, because he needs to get done in 6 hours what other people get done in 18 hours. Not only does he bring more intensity to work, but he also brings more passion to every aspect of his life – he’s more loving and present with the people in his life and far more focused at the gym.

When you commit to 6-hour days, you squeeze the air out of the wasted parts of your day and are left with just enough time to do what is important and live a balanced life. Start seeing the finish line of your day at 12 p.m. and sprint to finish everything you would typically get done in day before 12 p.m. Then, when you hit the 12 p.m. finish line, push yourself to complete one more days’ worth of activities before going to sleep. By fitting “one more” day inside each day you will have more opportunity to take “one more” swing at the change you want to make and get the life you deserve.

About the author

ED MYLETT is an accomplished entrepreneur with a sincere desire to help others by sharing what he has learned as a businessman, husband, father, and philanthropist. In a few short years, he has amassed millions of followers online, launched a popular podcast, written the bestselling book #MAXOUT Your Life: Strategies for Becoming an Elite Performer, and spoken to vast numbers of people globally through his keynote speeches.

Ed remains humble about his success, attributing his good fortune to his faith in God, his mentors, and the lessons his father taught him throughout life.


Business Culture, Motivational Management and Leadership, Small Business, Business Mentoring and Coaching

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 One More Identity
Chapter 2 One More and Living in Your Matrix
Chapter 3 One More Try
Chapter 4 One More and the Five Principles of Time Management
Chapter 5 One More Emotion
Chapter 6 One More Association
Chapter 7 One More Dream
Chapter 8 One More Question to Ask Ourselves
Chapter 9 One More Goal
Chapter 10 One More Higher Standard
Chapter 11 One More Impossibility Thinkers and Possibility Achievers
Chapter 12 One More Habit
Chapter 13 One More Multiplier
Chapter 14 One More Inconvenience
Chapter 15 One More and Defining Leadership
Chapter 16 One More and My 11 Leadership Principles
Chapter 17 One More Degree of Equanimity
Chapter 18 One More Prayer
Chapter 19 One Last One More
About the Author


The book is a motivational guide that teaches readers how to use the power of one more in every aspect of their lives. The power of one more is the idea that by doing one more thing, one more time, one more way, or one more day, you can achieve your goals and dreams faster and easier than you think. The author, Ed Mylett, is a successful entrepreneur, coach, and speaker who shares his personal stories and insights on how he used the power of one more to overcome challenges and reach new heights of success.

He also provides practical tips and strategies on how to apply the power of one more in different areas of life, such as health, wealth, relationships, happiness, and purpose. The book is divided into three parts: Part One explains the concept and benefits of the power of one more; Part Two shows how to use the power of one more in specific situations and scenarios; and Part Three reveals the ultimate power of one more, which is to live a life of significance and legacy.

The Power of One More is an inspiring and empowering book that encourages readers to take action and pursue their dreams with passion and persistence. The author writes in a conversational and engaging tone that makes the book easy to read and relate to. He uses anecdotes, examples, metaphors, and quotes to illustrate his points and make them memorable. He also challenges readers to reflect on their own lives and goals and provides exercises and questions at the end of each chapter to help them apply the power of one more.

The book is full of wisdom and practical advice that can help anyone who wants to improve their life and achieve their potential. The book is not only informative but also entertaining and humorous at times. The author shares his personal struggles and failures as well as his successes and achievements, which makes him authentic and credible. He also shows his vulnerability and humility by admitting his mistakes and flaws and expressing his gratitude and appreciation for others.

The book is not only a motivational guide but also a personal testimony of how the power of one more can transform your life. The book is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to use the power of one more to overcome obstacles, create opportunities, and live an extraordinary life.

Summary: The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success by Ed Mylett

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