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Bunnyshell – Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

Bunnyshell is a cloud infrastructure startup.

Specifically, the platform allows developers to simulate environments while building software.

Bunnyshell - Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis

This makes it possible to develop and test code as close to production as possible, helping reduce rollbacks.

According to Bunnyshell, their solution can help companies reduce cloud costs by up to 75% since they can set rules to start and stop environments automatically.

The startup saw a 24% growth in YoY revenue last year (Pitchbook).

Bunnyshell has raised $6.4M in funding to date.

What’s Next

Bunnyshell is part of the Environments-as-a-Service (EaaS) meta trend.

EaaS are platforms that provide locations where developers, testers and managers can experiment and interact with an application.

This industry is still in its infancy but is expected to grow by approximately 3x over the next four years.

Prodly and rThreat are examples of trending EaaS startups.

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