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Business: A simple roadmap to scaling your agency

Ahhh, the feeling of winning the first clients for your agency is unmatched.

Unfortunately, at some point you’ll hit a plateau where it seems impossible to grow or scale your agency.

How do we know? Well, as Jordan Ross points out, this plateau happens often with agencies.

The solution?

Building a system that will help you scale your agency by automating your internal operations. According to Jordan, this system consists of a few pivotal elements.

Let’s check them out…

#1 – Templatized workflow. If you haven’t mapped out each step of your operations, you’re already behind. Map out each step with your client, SOP & training, software needs, etc.

#2 – SOPs and Trainings. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are a simple set of steps for your team members and clients to follow, while training teaches team members how to think.

5-step checklist to crate effective SOPs

#3 – Organizational charts. This sets clear expectations. Make sure your chart includes responsibilities, goals, and key KPIs.

For example: your Customer Success Manager’s main goal—or KPI—could be a monthly client churn rate that’s less than 5%. Responsibilities – daily communication with clients.

#4 – Templatized project management (PM). The three previous steps should help you create a PM template you can easily copy and paste when you acquire a client.

Tasks, client info, due dates, task owners, hyperlinked SOPs, and statuses are all part of this.

#5 – End of day (EOD) reporting. Make every team member fill out a simple EOD report, which increases accountability. Project management tools make this easy to automate.

#6 – Client dashboard. Here you track client results internally. Agencies often underperform due to lack of visibility, accountability, and contingency plan for when things go sideways.

So identify and track all KPIs relevant to the account, set goals, and track results through APIs and automations.

#7 – Ops meeting. When you set everything up, team members can update managers on targeted vs. actual performance, future plans, etc., who will then report the same to you.

As you can see, we’re tight on space, so we recommend reading Jordan’s thread for more in-depth tweets and examples. Good luck and happy scaling!

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