To Command the Attention of any Audience, Tell Story.

The ancient art of storytelling is not just for authors, entertainers, and schoolteachers. Storytelling is a powerful tool for business people who must communicate with their clients or colleagues about their work. Academician Murray Nossel teaches people in business how to harness the near-magical power of storytelling. He has spent 30 years helping people tell […]

Book Summary: The 7 Principles of Conflict Resolution by Louisa Weinstein

Mediator Louisa Weinstein offers seven principles you can apply to confront and resolve any conflict. How you use language can either accentuate a conflict or defuse it by using “deep or expansive listening.” Much of Weinstein’s advice revolves around bypassing your initial defensive reflexes. In this summary, you will learn: Confronting Conflict Personal Coaching The […]