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Control your Business Inbox by Preventing Spam Emails in These Ways

Do you feel like you are drowning in countless spam emails every day? You are not alone because spam accounts for over 14.5 billion messages per day. To make things worse, approximately 52% of organizations struggle to minimize spam and treat it as their top priority.

Control your Business Inbox by Preventing Spam Emails in These Ways

Spam is a huge nuisance, and under the CAN-SPAM Act, there are spam laws. If any business or person violates this Act, they might be fined a lump sum amount. The Act went into effect in 2003 to protect American consumers, and there are several updates to the law to keep it relevant. For instance, Microsoft sued spammers in 2004 for violating this law.

But is it possible to stop spam altogether and protect your business email? You can go through the ways mentioned below to prevent spam from infiltrating your business inbox or click

Enhance the Email Filters to Prevent Spam Emails

To combat spam emails, you need to augment your email filters. To strengthen these filters, you need to go to your email provider’s settings and search for spam or junk folder settings. For instance, if you are using Outlook, you have to click Home > choose Junk > click Junk Email Options. Then, you can select the filtering level of your inbox and change it from Low to Safe lists only. Outlook will only let emails from your Safe Senders List show on your inbox if you choose the latter.

However, it is not always wise to crank the security settings to the highest. In reality, if you set it to the highest level, you may miss out or block out emails from leads and clients. Therefore, you need to find a medium setting that keeps the spammers out, but you don’t miss out on getting emails from your clients or customers.

Do not Respond to Spam

Spammers always attempt to get people to respond to their offers or fall for their phishing schemes. Sometimes, hackers send malicious emails containing pictures or links. You risk downloading malicious content if you click on the images or links. Your computer might be infected with a virus. Then, your files might become encrypted, and you can lose control of them until you listen to their ransom demand.

So, no matter how tempting, you must avoid responding to spam emails. Do not engage with them. It would be best if you don’t open spam emails at all. You can send it straight to your junk or spam mail and delete it.

Do not Publicly Post your Email Address

If you don’t want spam emails, don’t publicly post your business email. Don’t showcase it on your website, so you are not hounded by spam emails. If hackers don’t find your email address, they won’t be able to send you spam emails.

If you need your clients or customers to contact you, creating email forms on your website would be best. So they can submit the form instead of manually sending you emails. While savvy spammers might still be able to find your email address, this is one of the best ways to stop bots from revealing your contact information.

Register a Separate Junk Email Address

It would be best to use a separate junk email address that you would give out to marketers. You can use this email address to sign up or subscribe to newsletters so that all the promotional or marketing messages are sent to this email address that you don’t use for official purposes. You must be careful not to forget your login details or lose control over them. Furthermore, ensure your junk email address is something you can easily remember. You can also strengthen the spam filters in your junk email address.

Block Spam Email Senders

One of the most effective ways to keep spammers out of your business inbox is by blocking them. When you block them, they won’t be able to contact you again, which is a foolproof method of stopping spam emails. You can reduce the level of noise and junk in your inbox. For instance, if you are using Yahoo, you can go to Settings and choose Blocked Addresses. Then, you need to enter an email address you wish to keep out of your inbox. You might also be able to block the sender from your inbox.

Keeping a blacked list of email senders will help keep your inbox tidy.

The Bottom Line

Don’t make it easier for spammers and hackers to send you spam emails. These are effective ways to manage your business inbox and keep spammers from hounding you. Follow these and ensure not to give out your official email address on any public platform, including social media platforms. Get started on strengthening and controlling your inbox.

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