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Event: Skift Sustainable Tourism Summit on June 29, 2022

Join us as Skift editors and research analysts speak with leaders across tourism to explore what actions they have taken towards their sustainability goals, what we can learn from their experiences, how they are hoping to scale these initiatives across travel, and what all of travel can do to truly create a more equitable industry in the future.

Event: Skift Sustainable Tourism Summit on June 29, 2022

After over two years of pandemic and recovery, almost every sector of the travel industry has taken a focus on building back better and promoting initiatives emerging around sustainability, inequities, and climate change. But even beyond the need for increased advocacy and broadened sustainability goals, what actions are travel companies taking to truly create an industry that is not only better for the planet, but also communities and stakeholders throughout the tourism chain?

What we will discuss

  • What are travel companies doing to take action on climate change and create a more planet friendly future?
  • How can we make community-led experiences more mainstream?
  • What can we learn from companies that have scaled their sustainability initiatives?
  • How can tourism be more inclusive and proactive in addressing the inequities that face many destinations?
  • How can tourism push for new success metrics in building back better?
  • Will we see tourism truly transform for the better in the decade ahead?


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