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Event: Skift Travel Loyalty Summit on April 21, 2022 Online

Join Skift editors and research analysts for this online-only event as we dive into discussions with the leaders across travel who are spearheading travel loyalty’s new frontier as we look to define the new needs for consumers and the innovations that will lead in this competitive landscape.

Event: Skift Travel Loyalty Summit on April 21, 2022 Online

Join Us on April 21 for the Skift Travel Loyalty Summit!

What Comes Next for Travel Loyalty?

Loyalty has taken on a new importance for travel brands through the pandemic, and as travel returns, programs and strategies are shifting rapidly to drive even more value. All of this has created opportunities to steal customers and market share, as well as reimagining points programs. But are these programs as valuable for consumers as they are for suppliers? How does loyalty’s future line up with travel’s new reality, and how are leaders in this space looking to stay ahead?

Join us as we dive into the future of loyalty with Skift editors and research analysts for this online event, asking the big questions:

  • As the line between work and leisure blurs, how are loyalty programs evolving?
  • How are partner ecosystems revamping the loyalty landscape?
  • Will programs truly modernize to reflect the need for more sustainable travel?
  • How are loyalty programs building simplicity into the personalized travel experience?

Tune in online for this fast-paced event and series of discussions on where this important facet of travel is headed next.

The Online Experience

  • Live access to all sessions via our online platform
  • Access to the event app for iOS and Android
  • Networking with event attendees using event app
  • Access to on-demand session recordings




11:00 AM – Welcome

11:03 AM – Skift Research Presentation

11:15 AM – What are the Lasting Impacts on Loyalty for Airlines?

11:50 AM – How Are Hotels Evolving Their Programs?

12:10 PM – Are Subscriptions Still the Future?

12:40 PM – Modernizing Loyalty for a More Sustainable Travel Future

1:00 PM – Event Ends


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