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LinkedIn: Introducing AI-powered “conversation starters”

It’s not always easy starting conversations with strangers.

But it might be a little easier in the near future – LinkedIn, at least…

LinkedIn just announced “Collaborative Articles” – a feature that uses AI-generated prompts to create relevant content, then match it with “topic experts” who can add their input.

How it works

First, LinkedIn’s editorial team will develop “conversation starters” with the help of AI.

Then, it will use the LinkedIn Skills Graph to match each article with relevant users that can contribute their experience, lessons, anecdotes, and more.

And if you’re one of the selected industry experts, the insights you contribute will be visible to LinkedIn users worldwide.

In the loop

Meanwhile, users can engage your comments, and even push your comments to the top of the collaborative article, giving you more exposure.

Community members who contribute often can earn a “Community Top Voice” badge, which lends them clout and creates the incentive to comment on more of these articles… and the loop goes on.

Why we care

On paper, this seems like a solid idea. Collaborative Articles seem like a low effort way to potentially engage a huge number of users and create more exposure for your brand or business.

And if you’re a content marketer, they could be a goldmine for audience insights, industry pain points, and more.

Overall, a nice move. And yet another example of a platform embracing AI… not that we’re surprised, of course. LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft after all!

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