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7 Benefits of Reading Online

Isn’t Online Better Than Print? What’s better–print or online? Since we publish both, we thought it was time we shared key benefits of online, which print can’t match up to. Here are 7 benefits of online that our team managed to put together…

7 Benefits of Reading Online


Yes, a print publication provides all content in a format that’s free of distractions, and enables you to focus. But, aren’t the distractions that makes one’s life worth living?


In the online world, you may begin with “Innovations in Chip Manufacturing”, but you can easily shift to “Why Shahrukh Khan Likes Dogs” with a click or two. Online world offers unlimited variety while publications force you to stay focused.


Who can beat the touch and feel of an LCD screen? Is it not easier to your eyes and lesser load on your senses as compared to paper? Why pay a premium for a print publication that involves your sense of touch, smell and vision?


Isn’t it fun when you have to click on images or tables to view them online? Is it not boring to see all visuals laid out neatly in a typical publication thereby eliminating the need for you to click here and click there?


Online–you search for what you’re looking for, and you get info on it. Publications–provide a lot of information that you never asked for! Their editors might believe that it’s their duty to address the issue of “You don’t know what you don’t know, but should know”–but why pay for stuff you never asked for?


The online world exerts no pressure on you to keep yourself updated. You may not read on a particular topic for months together–it’s your choice. But, if you subscribe to a print edition, their latest issue lands on your door every month, pushing you to upgrade your knowledge. Ughh!


The distraction-free, curated content in publications may enable you to gain knowledge and expertise on focused topics. But, who’s in a hurry?

In a nutshell, print publications might be best suited for those who are seeking a friend or an advisor who keeps them up-to-date, on a focused subject, via a medium that involves touch, smell and vision–while consuming least time.

But, online is clearly more fun, more interactive, and provides more freedom.

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