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Advertising: Watch out. You might be making this Meta Ads conversion rate mistake…

Imagine this

You’re analyzing website performance in Google Analytics when you notice a product landing page with a 10% conversion rate.

It’s the perfect blend of a good offer, a good product, and a smooth purchase flow. It’s a conversion machine…

The lightbulb moment

You know how to drive traffic with Meta Ads, so you assume that if you drive 100 users, around 10 will convert.

Which means for every 1000, 100 will convert. Right?

Cue to buzzer sound.

Jon Loomer says that when you optimize a high-converting landing page for more traffic, you rarely get the same results.

Here’s why

According to Jon, optimizing for the greatest number of traffic at the lowest cost may earn you cheap clicks. But you’re forgetting a crucial participant – the algorithm.

While it’s safe to assume that if people click on your ad they’re interested in the product, not all clicks are created equal.

That amazing 10% conversion rate you’re seeing could be from organic traffic, or even email campaigns.

In other words, it’s not algorithmic.

The algorithm only cares about cheap clicks, no matter how quality they are. It could be cheap clicks, random clicks, even click fraud.

The solution

Don’t overcomplicate things. If you want to increase purchases, run a sales campaign that’s optimized for purchases.

That way, the algorithm won’t be happy unless users have made a purchase. Simple as.

Even if you can’t create a purchase goal, go back to your funnel and optimize for Initiate Checkout, or Add to Cart, etc. Go for the higher-intent audiences.


Clicks look great on the surface, but optimizing for clicks can be a massive waste of money, regardless of your landing page conversion rate.

Better to go after those purchases instead!

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