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Advertising: Why B2C ads work on LinkedIn—and what to know about successful ad creatives

Yes, LinkedIn is primarily a business to business platform.

But advertisers forget that behind every thought leader, business owner, or SaaS team member, there’s your everyday business-to-consumer (B2C) shopper.

Plus, most of them have high purchasing power, and according to LinkedIn, they come to the platform with a more “intentional,” consumer-friendly mindset. OK, so…

Should you go big with B2C ads on LinkedIn? Probably. But you need to know how to approach them.

Why B2C ads work on LinkedIn—and what to know about successful ad creatives\

There are three main focuses when it comes to B2C advertising on LinkedIn:

#1 – Aspiration. LinkedIn users are aspirational by nature. They’re career oriented and on top of the latest trends. The more you tap into this aspirational mindset in your ads, the better.

Use it mainly for top-of-the-funnel campaigns. For example, showing why driving your vehicle will bring a more adventurous lifestyle.

#2 – Loyalty. Brands that focus on loyalty messaging are seeing success with their mid-funnel campaigns.

Center your messaging around brand relationships so you can build favorability and trust on the platform.

#3 – Innovation. Campaigns that focus on innovation-based messaging are 57% more likely to see increases across multiple KPIs, especially at the lower end of the funnel.

The platform suggests either featuring new ideas and unique products in your content, or at least making the experience of using the product or service feel unique.

LinkedIn recommends that you combine these three aspects for a successful advertising strategy, while also:

  • Telling stories about the creativity of your product or service.
  • Spelling out how your brand will help consumers live their best lives.
  • Tuning your brand voice in a way that shows you truly get their wants and needs.

And you’re all set. If you’ve considered advertising B2C on LinkedIn before, these little tips could nudge you towards testing it out.

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