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Advetising: How to run Quora Ads like an expert

Michal Pecánek spent over $200k on Quora Ads.

And according to him, they’re super effective and super cheap compared to other cost-per-click (CPC) platforms.

Just to give you an idea, Quora Ads are:

  • 40–50% cheaper CPC than Facebook.
  • 60–95% cheaper than Google Search campaigns.

Michal also has several tips for making the most of your Quora Ads. And since you don’t hear about them often, we’ve picked a few that could tempt you to test this platform.

Let’s see what he recommends…

Pay attention to the campaign structure.

It looks like Quora’s delivery algorithms favor ad sets with higher bids, while engagement signals play an insignificant role.

For that reason, Michal recommends running one ad set per campaign. He groups campaigns by geo-targeting and device type to manage allocation and budget.

Another solution, if you’re targeting broad, is to bid across all running ad sets within a given campaign. However, if your targeting differs, you may waste a lot of ad dollars.

Questions retargeting is crushing it.

The biggest upside of Quora ads is that you can choose to bid on specific questions, thereby targeting high intent visitors.

How do you find questions? The easiest way is to use the platform’s question suggestion feature when you click on “Bulk add” in your targeting options and write at least 10 relevant keywords.

Quora will then provide a list of keywords with weekly views. Nice.

Try to combine paid and organic

By boosting answers. It’s called “Promoted Answers” and it can help you get “tens, even hundreds of thousands of views.”

Michal says you can go through all the promising questions and note answers that positively mention your brand or product, then promote them for a low cost. Worth testing!

But that’s not all, Quora folks.

Michal’s extensive article has more tips you should check out before venturing into the wild Q&A world of Quora advertising. Check it out!

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