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AI Marketing: Google, Adobe, and Bing all drop new AI products

It’s an AI world these days – we’re just living in it.

Three of the biggest names in tech launched new AI content creation tools. Let’s start with the search giant…

Fun, but flaky

Google opened early access to Bard—its own version of ChatGPT—to users in the US and the UK for now.

Google opened early access to Bard.

Google also warned that “Bard is not without faults” and is not intended to be a replacement for search.

Apparently Bard sometimes “hallucinates,” a term that means “confidently providing false information.”

Google promised it will keep updating Bard on the go. Probably a good idea…

You would not believe your eyes

Meanwhile, Adobe released Firefly, a “family of generative AI models” with some incredible powers, like…

  • Generating and adding new image elements from prompts to your design.
  • Generating stylized text, custom vectors, and brushes from scratch.
  • Text-based video editing and 3D modeling.

Adobe released Firefly.

By the way, Firefly’s model is trained on “Adobe Stock images,” openly licensed content, and public domain content, so if you’re worried about copyright issues, you might sleep better using this tool.

Not to be outdone

Since prompt-to-text is yesterday’s news, Bing launched an AI image generator called Stories to support its AI-powered chatbot.

Bing launched an AI image generator called Stories.

The feature is trained on the most updated DALL-E models and allows you to create both written and visual content from one place.

Whew. So many changes, so fast.

Why we care

It’s not every day you get tools that keep improving at such insane speeds.

It’s a good time to be a content creator. All you have to do is stay on top of what’s coming out, and put it to work.

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