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Regulations: Beware of these new “synthetic media” policies

Of course, with all the shiny gadgets coming out, it was only a matter of time before mom and dad sat us down to go over the rules.

Labels, please

TikTok says that if your content contains realistic scenes made by AI, you must mark it accordingly.

A simple sticker or a caption like “fake,” “not real,” or “altered” should be enough for now.

Yeah, about that article

Recently, Google said it won’t penalize AI articles per se, as long as the content is helpful.

Let’s unpack this for a sec…

  • Yes, Google and AI can be friends. The release of Bard indicates that Google is warming up to AI articles as long as they’re following content guidelines.
  • Google doesn’t like low-quality AI content. While Google hasn’t named what the penalties will be as of yet, you should stay away from unedited, spammy, ChatGPT content. Might as well start the habit now, right?
  • SEOs are gonna need new skills. Modern SEOs will probably need to develop valuable inputs and prompts and provide good sources of information, in addition to bringing their search expertise to the table.

By the way, adding AI automation disclosures to particularly AI-heavy articles could keep your domain in Google’s good books, so keep that in mind.

Why we care

The good news is, Google and other major companies are embracing AI technology. Of course, that also means they’ll soon begin regulating it, too.

So dot your i’s and cross your t’s when it comes to AI content. And if you need a place to stay on top of those regulations and rules…

Well, you know where to look.

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