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Artificial Intelligence: AI systems, please meet apps

Good news: writers’ block may soon fall into oblivion.

… Because there may soon be dozens of AI writing assistants to help you. Now is that bad news… or better news?

Microsoft wants to bridge the g-app: The company launched Azure Open AI service, allowing businesses to integrate Open AI’s tools with their own cloud apps.

Timeline of key Microsoft AI breakthroughs

Businesses can now use DALL-E, ChatGPT3, and other AI systems for various apps and processes like support tickets, content matching, and countless more.

… And this just days after rumors that Microsoft was looking to integrate OpenAI’s language models with Bing Search Engine, Word, PowerPoint, and other popular tools, too.

Surf’s up: Meanwhile, ChatGPT is launching an API that could unleash a wave of new marketing startups building around the technology.

And if that sounds crazy, OpenAI-related queries amount to 15 million visits per day – about 35% of Bing Search Engine volume.

Tells you a lot about its magnitude and potential.

Competition everywhere: Also, an Israeli startup AI21 has announced an AI text generating system that cites sources—a big issue with current AI language models.

Israeli startup AI21 has announced an AI text generating system that cites sources.

Sound familiar? That’s because we already reported Google doing the same. The race is on.

Why we care: AI is finding its way to ordinary humans, and with big companies releasing APIs and integrations, the tech landscape could shift dramatically.

And if that happens, you’ll want to sit in the front row.