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Artificial Intelligent: Google teases its ChatGPT rival right as the first anti-AI lawsuits take place

Just when you thought things in the AI space couldn’t be hotter…

Hey look, a Sparrow: DeepMind, the Google-owned AI company, just teased the release of its own ChatGPT counterpart called Sparrow.

The Sparrow chatbot aims to reduce “the risk of unsafe and inappropriate answers,” and it may even cite specific sources and improve answer accuracy – features ChatGPT currently lacks.

The Sparrow chatbot aims to reduce “the risk of unsafe and inappropriate answers.”

That’s not surprising, really. Google has been working on its own internal chatbot for some time, and apparently it’s “3x more powerful than ChatGPT.” Whoa.

PaLM's size “3x more powerful than ChatGPT.”

When will Sparrow land? DeepMind plans to release Sparrow in open beta sometime this year. Enough time for ChatGPT to prepare?

The humans strike back: Also, three artists are launching class action lawsuits against text-to-image AI generators, Midjourney, and DeviantArt for copyright infringement, unfair competition, and more.

The artists argue that images are being scraped from the internet, then copied, compressed, stored, and used by AI like a “modern day collage tool.” Interesting take.

Why we care: Google’s ChatGPT alternative sounds exciting, given the massive crater Open AI’s tool has left in the marketing world.

Imagine the shake up when another big player enters the scene.

It will also be interesting to see if the lawsuits against AI start the first official “humans vs. robots” scenario—and how it will impact content marketers who already use AI to generate images. Umm… did you catch the above image?

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