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Google Ads: You can view Shopping Ads data in Performance Max campaigns. Here’s how

You know what they say: if it doesn’t exist yet, create it.

And while there’s not a straightforward way to check Performance Max for Shopping campaigns in the Google Ads Reporting Breakdown, there’s a way to make one.

Collin Schmelebeck tweeted a short guide to creating a custom report that displays shopping campaign spend and conversions at the Performance Max campaign level.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Reports” drop down at the upper-right of the Google Ads dashboard and click “Reports.”

Step 2: Click “Custom Report” and select “Table.”

Step 3: Edit row data to > Search: “[your Merchant Center ID].”

Step 4: Choose the values you want to track at column data. Collin recommends tracking Impressions, Clicks, Avg. cost-per-click (CPC), Cost, and Conversions.

Step 5: Now, you have to filter down everything to Performance Max level. Two examples:

  • Filter down to all Performance Max campaigns.
  • FIlter to individual Performance Max campaigns so you can compare data.

And that’s it. The steps above are just the recommended framework, but as you set up your Shopping Ads data tracking, you can experiment and adjust values and filters according to your needs.