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B2B Marketing: Want to run a successful webinar? Do this…

What they tell you

Hosting a webinar gives you a wide reach, brings you a ton of leads and business opportunities, helps build your brand, etc.

What they don’t tell you: You can’t do any of the above if nobody attends.

… And that’s what happens with most webinars. They get poor turnout, and therefore, poor results.

So how do you fix this?

We came across a post from Casey Hill where he shared some things that made his recent webinar a glowing success.

So let’s pick those apart…

#1 – Adjusting your webinar to multiple timezones. If you’re speaking to an international client base, there’s a big difference when it comes to the optimal time zone.

So instead of isolating a major chunk of your potential customers, Casey hosted multiple webinars for different time zones and maximized the attendance.

#2 – Get a registration threshold. Did you know that the average webinar attendance is 25 people? Unless you’re selling a huge ticket product, that just isn’t enough.

Decide a registration threshold to make your webinar worthwhile – for instance 150 registrations. If you don’t fill that up, reschedule until you secure the number.

#3 – Pre-record, but show up for Q&A. This is a simple trick that can help you perfect your webinar performance. Pre-record the main event and use that breathing space to focus on user comments.

By appearing afterwards you provide reliability and “closeness,” and the time you spend thinking about their questions allows you to answer them with clarity and authority.

#4 – Reach out afterwards. Make sure you follow up your webinar attendees. Even better, try to make it personal – if they asked a question, point it out, or even explain in more detail.

It will do wonders for your conversion rate.

Got it? Time to set up the big event…

Promote it aggressively, snap up those registrations, and then let your expertise and authority do the rest. Good luck!

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