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Beyond Twitter: where users are flocking

With the Twitter nest experiencing quite a shake up, some users are eager to settle under a different canopy.

NPR recently published a list of the platforms that are growing in the face of Twitter changes, and some of them are… interesting.

Names you don’t hear everyday: Outside of “legacy” networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Tumblr, users are increasingly testing more Twitter-esque networks:

  • Mastodon: Named after the extinct elephant-related giant, Mastodon definitely saw the biggest user influx, recording 180k new users in a single day last week. It’s decentralized, open-source, and everyone can host their own server on the platform.
  • Hive Social: A recent social platform with a nostalgic touch. It prioritizes chronological feed with equal reach to anyone and aims to bring back long forgotten perks of social media such as profile page music. Sounds like the old days…
  • Post: The youngest platform in the list is still “half-baked” according to its founders, but it may be the most Twitter-like, with news and social-media together, and “civil debates that make you smarter.”

Why we care: Being aware of the existence of other, growing platforms can give you an upper hand if your audience is using them and you’re able to deploy ads or content before competitors do.

Just remember that each platform serves a different purpose. Mastodon is community-oriented, Hive Social is creator and influencer-oriented, and Post is more publisher-friendly.

All things to keep in mind as you track your audience’s goals and platforms, and develop your strategies.