Book Summary: Art Thinking – How to Carve Out Creative Space in a World of Schedules, Budgets, and Bosses by Amy Whitaker

Educator and writer Amy Whitaker combine her talents in art and business to explain how they serve one another. She proposes using a mind-set she calls “art thinking” to harness the joy and creative thought of making art in tandem with the structure and organization of the business. Each chapter addresses one aspect of the […]

Book Summary: The 4 Lenses of Innovation, A Power Tool for Creative Thinking by Rowan Gibson

Rowan Gibson, author of Innovation to the Core, provides a manual full of graphics, illustrations, and photographs, with numerous pages tinted different shades to suggest that you can change how you see even ordinary things. Gibson proposes a system of innovation that incorporates various models of the human brain. He provides a broadly applicable set […]

Cultivating Creativity at School and Work Builds Crucial Skills for Tackling Today’s Complex Challenges

Creativity and innovation expert Sir Ken Robinson – whose TED talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity?, has one of the largest audiences of all time – cautions that mass education systems designed to produce workers for the industrial age don’t prepare students to meet new world challenges. He advocates a full-scale transformation of education systems on […]