Book Summary: Adaptability – The art of winning in an age of uncertainty by Max McKeown and Kogan Page

Organizational success and failure can be reduced to one thing, or so argues management consultant Max McKeown in his scientific and cultural look at adaptability around the globe and through the ages. If groups can’t change and adapt appropriately, they can’t succeed. McKeown offers case studies from companies you know, such as Starbucks, providing insight […]

Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership

“Long-distance leaders” need to use a variety of tools specifically designed to address distance leadership issues and concerns. Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel’s comprehensive, research-based manual offers valuable insights for those who lead remote workers, including 19 rules for long-distance leaders.

How to Turn Your Top Talent into Leaders

Your company needs an effective program to prepare its young leaders to move up when senior people advance or retire. To protect its future, the organization must help high-potential leadership candidates develop their flexibility, problem-solving acuity, and decision-making ability. Occupational psychologist and HR consultant Ines Wichert details a strategy for “accelerated leadership development” that incorporates […]

Book Summary: “What Are Your Blind Spots? – Conquering the 5 Misconceptions that Hold Leaders Back” by Jim Haudan and Rich Berens

Statistics say that about 70% of your employees suffer disengagement from their jobs. Unfortunately, many leaders have no idea how to engage their employees, often because of insidious “blind spots” in their thinking. Root Inc. consultancy co-founder Jim Haudan and CEO Rich Berens warn that failing to recognize these blind spots can cause you to […]

Book Summary: The Leadership Killer, Reclaiming Humility in an Age of Arrogance by Bill Treasurer and John R. Havlik

Bill Treasurer and John Havlik detail how you can survive leadership with your soul unsullied and your honor intact. They explain the dangers hubris poses for leaders and how they can guard against it. Both authors draw on extensive leadership experience. After college, Treasurer captained the US High-Diving Team. Later, he became Accenture’s first full-time […]