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Common mistakes that’ll sink your copywriting—and how to fix them

In copywriting, the difference between mediocre and great can be as simple as a few common mistakes.

Unfortunately, mistakes happen to the best of us—even if you’re pretty good at writing copy.

Want to rise above everyone else? These are the mistakes to avoid:

  • Focusing on features instead of benefits. Most people don’t care that your snowboarding jacket is made with UltraHighTech™ material—and few will get what that means. They mainly care about whether or not it’ll keep them warm.
  • Writing about the product instead of the outcome. Taking the first bullet point a step further. People don’t really care about your snowboarding jacket. They care about having a fun, comfortable, memorable time out on the mountain. Sell that.
  • No alignment between ad copy and landing page copy. When someone clicks your ad, they should arrive at a landing page that echoes and expands upon what they just read. If they don’t see anything familiar, they’ll drop off.

There are several more huge mistakes to avoid, but we don’t have the space for everything here.

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