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Copywriting: The difference between messaging and copywriting – and when to use each

Plenty of online marketers believe messaging and copywriting are the same thing. But surprise, surprise… they actually aren’t.

As Emma Stratton shows in her short LinkedIn post, the two are quite different.

They’re also “best buddies,” working together to help you tell a positive and consistent story about your business.

  • Messaging is what you say to your audience about your product or service.
  • Copywriting is how you say it.

Let’s see what this looks like in practice…

Messaging highlights the essence of your brand.

It’s the most important benefit plus the value it brings to your customer.

Your messaging needs to be clear, concise, and consistent.

Copywriting is how you bring the message to life.

It’s the context in which the message exists – different promotional channels, different circumstances, global events, and more.

Good copy needs to resonate with the readers and inspire them to action. It should be snappy, exciting, and persuasive.

In a nutshell, messaging without copywriting would be bland repetition of the same brand message over and over again.

But without the message at the core of your copy, you’ll confuse your prospects by saying different, often contradictory things.

Combine them, and you’ll capture curiosity and propel your audience to action.

For example:

  • Message: Attract more candidates to apply for open opportunities.
  • Web headline copy: Ready to engage top talent?
  • Display ad copy: More candidates, less sourcing.
  • Email subject line: 10x your talent pipeline. 🚀

Hey, we want to give this a try, too: “Carefully curated digital marketing news delivered into your mailbox every day for free.” Our web copy? “We’ll make you a smarter marketer for free.”

Yep, it works alright!