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Copywriting: Why there’s no such thing as “the perfect headline”

You know the drill…

Someone says, “Hey, our conversion rate is low. We need better copy.”

So you hire a copywriter. Or, you write it yourself. Regardless, you end up with a document of finalized copy… the good stuff.

Then you implement the copy and let it ride.

What’s the problem here? Advertising today isn’t like it was back in the ‘60s. Today, we have the luxury of A/B testing copy with a few clicks.

But we often don’t set up tests, because freelance copywriters and agencies, and in-house teams like to come up with “the perfect headline” or sales page, pitch it… and that’s that.

This burns money. No matter how good a copywriter is, odds are low that their copy is the highest-converting piece out there.

Here’s how to make more money—and get better copy:

  • If you hire freelancers, ask copywriters to give you lots of options. Instead of settling with the option your copywriter likes best, ask them for the 10 best headlines they came up with while drafting. Test them all.
  • If you write copy in-house, don’t settle. Test copy until you’ve found a “ceiling” for your conversion rate—a point where new, better copy doesn’t seem to have an impact.

… Then watch what happens. Let’s imagine 3,000 people hit your homepage per day, your AOV is $50, and your conversion rate is 1%.

In that case, a simple 0.1% boost would be a $4,500 increase in monthly revenue.

Test some copy, make money, test new copy, make more money… rinse and repeat.



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