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eCommerce: 7 insanely easy ways to increase your store’s average order value

Tips on e-commerce sales can often be vague, and even difficult to implement.

Sometimes, all you need are simple tweaks to your online store to gain a significant boost in sales and grow your brand further.

Ryan Mckenzie recently shared—in his words—”stupid simple ways” to make more money from your e-commerce store.

See how many of these you can implement…

#1 Include a buy one, get one free offer – Offer a small, free, or heavily discounted item when a customer buys a high-value product from your store.

#2 Bundle up – You can offer combos and bundles in various creative ways, increasing your average order value (AOV) while also targeting different audiences.

#3 Discount higher price items – From time to time, make your premium products more accessible. It will incentivize your customers to make the jump.

#4 Leverage one-click upsells – Test pre-cart upsells and order bumps on your most popular or related products to squeeze every last drop of revenue from one purchase.

#5 Display high margin products – Naturally, these are the ones that make you the most money, so make sure you showcase them to increase your AOV.

#6 Include free shipping above $X – Is there anything customers love more than free shipping?

Determine a price where covering shipping costs is still significantly profitable, and use it as a free shipping benchmark.

#7 Leverage cross-selling – Similar to upselling, you should use cross-selling to suggest complementary products and “frequently bought together” – yep, just like Amazon.

That’s all. Short, sweet, simple. These tips won’t hurt your store, and they can significantly improve your AOV and help you scale.

So if you haven’t implemented some of the above – it’s time for action.