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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Many of us are working impeccably on our digital campaigns but are unable to get satisfying results. Are you one of them who is spending tons of money on their campaigns but still not getting the desired results?

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

If the answer is yes, you may have set all the campaigns right, but there is only one thing that went wrong and needed your focus immediately, Understanding Marketing.

In this article, You will Learn:

  • Fundamentals Of Marketing.
  • Traditional and Digital Marketing.
  • The CATT Marketing Funnel.
  • Integrated Digital Marketing.
  • Personal Branding and MassTrust Blueprint.

Table of contents

Fundamentals Of Marketing
Traditional and Digital Marketing
The CATT Marketing Funnel
Integrated Digital Marketing
Personal Branding


Many of us are working impeccably on our digital campaigns but are unable to get satisfying results.

Are you one of them who is spending tons of money on their campaigns but still not getting the desired results?

If the answer is yes, you may have set all the campaigns right, but there is only one thing that went wrong and needed your focus immediately: Understanding Marketing.

You must be thinking I am kidding with you as you have already hired the best of best digital marketers and have spent a good amount of money on your ads.

So how could you lack in Marketing?

The truth is Digital Marketing is more about marketing than digital.

Digital is just a medium through which marketing is done.

A lot of people are simply implementing what they have learned over the years.

They are just implementing strategies and techniques.

They know how to run ads on Facebook, Google and other digital media platforms.

They know how to do SEO, email marketing, content marketing and other stuff.

But still, it is not giving the expected results.

Because they are just focusing on the digital part and lacking their focus on marketing.

Running campaigns on digital platforms are mere advertising.

Marketing is a bigger concept as it does not only includes advertising, sales or copywriting.

It encapsulates all the things.

Starting before the actual product or service to the sale of the product or service and after-sales as well, for retaining the customer and making him a loyal customer for life.

Let’s dive deeper, to understand marketing more clearly.

Fundamentals Of Marketing

“Marketing aims to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself… The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” — Peter Drucker.

Marketing is a game of perception, and Digital Marketing is very dynamic, the techniques and ways to reach people to keep changing.

But if you learn marketing, marketing will not change in the coming 1000s of years as it has not changed since 1000s of years.

It is rooted deep in the fundamentals of human psychology, and as, a topic, it has existed ever since the dawn of civilization.

If you know how to market and sell, you have a safe career.

Marketing is not only about creating creative slogans, ads or product.

It’s about studying and understanding the psychology of people and the needs of your customer.

It does not only mean selling existing products or services in the market.

Marketing is knowing and understanding your customer well and adding values in their lives.

You should know.

Who are your customers?

What do they want?

What are their problems?

How could you add value in their lives?

It’s about developing a product or service that satisfies your needs or solves your customers’ problem.

If you develop a product based on the market’s needs, you don’t need much marketing to sell it.

Some people learn marketing and use it in an unethical way to sell the low-quality product.

You can generate sales by good marketing of a bad product, but it will make profits only for the concise term, and you will lose the trust of the people.

Marketing is all about building trust with a lot of people.

Trust is a very scarce resource. It takes a lot to build trust and being a marketer; your job is to build mass trust.

If you have developed a good quality product, then you need to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

A good product sells itself.

A great product converts your customers into brand ambassadors.

So, always focus on adding values to your customers’ lives as word of mouth marketing is the best marketing channel ever.

In the last few decades, marketing has evolved, the way of consuming the content and information has changed, and so have Marketers.

The traditional form of marketing has evolved into its digital form.

Let’s move to the next chapter and understand these two different forms of marketing.

Traditional and Digital Marketing

Have you ever wondered why there are so many billboards on the roads?

Did you ever feel frustrated when there is an ad break on TV during your favourite program or movie?

If not now, maybe in your childhood?

Did you ever notice that some newspaper pages are filled with stuff that is not news at all, and we bother least about them?

These all are some of the traditional ways of marketing. Marketing in which no digital medium is involved.

When your product is generic and needs to target a wide audience, traditional marketing like ads on TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine is useful as it is very cost-effective and has an extensive reach.

But today we are living in the digital era.

An era of Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

We are consuming the content through the digital medium.

So, marketers have changed their way of marketing.

Now, they are limited to traditional marketing methods; they have also adopted the digital way of marketing, which is now we all know as Digital Marketing.

These marketers are using digital platforms such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Websites, etc., for the eir marketing campaigns.

Today, you can easily run your campaigns on digital channels.

You can run your ads on Facebook.

You can run your ads on YouTube.

Digital marketing is not limited to, social media. You can run your marketing campaigns on Google, promote your business through your personal website, and there are ‘n’ numbers of ways to do it through the digital medium.

According to “Wikipedia”, TV alone has a reach of approximately 800 million to 1 billion in India. While according to the source “Business Standard”, Radio has a reach of around 65% population of India.

Looking at the sources’ figures and data, the reach digital marketing has is nowhere close to the reach of the TV alone in India.

But digital marketing is the best medium to reach the affluent English speaking population of not only in India but also in the world.

Though traditional marketing involves low cost when you want to reach a wide audience.

But digital platforms give you an immense opportunity to sell your product or services from any part of the world to the whole world.

Both traditional and digital marketing has its own advantages and drawbacks. The way to reach your audience and customers completely depends on your product or the services you are providing.

If you are using digital marketing to reach your customer, you need to focus on CATT marketing funnel.

What is CATT marketing funnel?

Let’s talk about it.

The CATT Marketing Funnel

The CATT marketing funnel talk about the formula of wealth, which is:

Wealth= n^ CATT (n to the power of CATT)


N is Your Niche.

C is Your Content.

A is the Attention you needed.

T is the Trust you need to build.


T is the Transaction (sales).

CATT Marketing Funnel

CATT Marketing Funnel


“Deciding where to compete is half of your success.”

Your success and wealth in digital marketing completely depend on your niche.

Choose a category and become a leader in that category. You don’t have to be the No.1; you have to be the only one.

When you have an ocean of opportunity, you must be wondering why to choose and stick to a particular niche.

After all, you can make more money, and your chances of success will increase if you work in multiple niches.

But remember my friend, the sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.

Working on multiple niches and not sticking to a particular niche will consume all your efforts, time and money for no result.

Just think in this way, God forbid if you will ever have any problem in your teeth. Where will you go?

To a dentist or a general physician?

I know you will go to see the dentist. You know why?

Because customers are always irrational, they will always prefer a specialist over a generalist.

It’s better to be a master of one trade than to be the jack of all trades.

That’s why selecting and sticking to a particular niche is important.


Your content is your asset.

The job of a Content Creator is to provide value to its audience.

No one will ever consume your content if it’s not useful for them, and it’s not adding value in their lives.

There is plenty of content over the web.

If you really want to grab some limelight and want to get your audience’s attention, you need to stand out from the rest and focus on providing quality content to your audience.


Content drives attention.

The right content will always get the right audience.

If you have created some useful content, you will definitely get the attention.

Use your content effectively and make it a force to drive more traffic to your content so that your audience can know that you have something better to offer them.


Trust is the key to success.

Marketing is a channel to build a strong brand. A strong brand emerges from building strong trust.

Your job being a marketer is to develop trust.

You can build trust with your audience by providing them with some useful content and information.

You can use “Deep Marketing” method to build trust with your audience.


The transaction becomes easy when your audience trusts you.

You have provided quality content to your niche audience, you h; attention from them, trust you, and can now easily focus on generating leads and converting them into your customer.

People with great content and product sometimes fail because they are only focusing on marketing through one channel.

I have seen people who have an excellent product to offer, but they are trying to sell it through a single channel. This is not how things work online.

It would help if you created a mechanism to sell online.

You need to focus on integrated digital marketing rather than just pitching through one or two-channel.

Let us understand how Integrated Digital Marketing can create a selling mechanism for you.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing creates a snowball effect, which is invincible.

As search engines continue to change, your strategies for maintaining a powerful, online presence should change.

Earlier a single marketing technique could give you a substantial result, but now, a single marketing strategy couldn’t give you a huge impact.

But when you combine many digital strategies into an “integrated digital marketing” campaign, it immensely multiplies the effectiveness of its every component.

Integrated Digital Marketing.

Integrated Digital Marketing.

The integration of all the available digital marketing methods creates an automated mechanism that will boost your revenue and your customer base.

Some people focus only on growing the influence of branding of their business and undermine the influence of personal branding.

But personal branding is as much as important as the branding of your business.

Why am I saying so?

Let’s discover why !!

Personal Branding

The best known will always beat the best.

Personal branding is not self- marketing. Neither it’s about advertising yourself.

It’s about creating the values in the lives of others and being known for it. It’s about creating a perception of yourself in the mind of others.

A personal brand can give rise to many other brands. For example, if Elon Musk would start a new venture, he will easily get a lot of investors to invest in his venture.

But that wouldn’t be if an unknown person starts his business, he has to face many challenges to get the funding even from his relatives or friends.

That’s the power of personal branding.

To establish yourself as a brand, you need to build trust with many people because a brand is known to people and has credibility and authority with it.

To build trust with many people I call MassTrust, you need to understand the evolution of personal branding or what I call “MassTrust Blueprint”.

The Evolution of Personal Branding.

I have created this blueprint for the people who want to start their Personal Branding journey from scratch.

MassTrust Blueprint

MassTrust Blueprint

In this blueprint, I have talked about six components through which you can build your Personal Brand.


Learn a new skill through concepts, facts and procedure.

Understand the Concepts.

Remember the Facts.


Practice the Procedures.


Once you have learned the skill, go and get yourself a job or work as a freelancer.

Put your newfound skills to work. Go from practice to implementation.

Implementing it in the real world will give you a better understanding of it.


Write about what you have learned.

Write what you have experienced through your work.

When you write, you understand it better, and it will also start building your personal brand.


Now that you have learned the fundamentals, you have experience and a personal brand through your blog.

Start consulting other business instead of working for them.


Guide other people who want to become like you.

Mentoring will help you scale your understanding and your personal brand to a whole new level.


Once you have reached to this level, now it’s time to build your startup. Start selling your own product or service with the experience of the market and expertise you have developed over the years.

Brand building is a process, and it takes time, you could not create a brand overnight.

This blueprint is like a decoded mantra for building a personal brand.

Follow this blueprint, and you can create your personal brand.


This article gives you the overview of Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and how knowing your customer and understanding of marketing is important to do effective Digital Marketing.

It also talks about Traditional and Digital Marketing and how CATT Marketing Funnel and Integrated Digital Marketing is important for digital campaigns.

The last chapter of this article emphasises the importance of Personal Branding and how you can establish yourself as a Personal Brand.

Many people think that Digital Marketing has saturated, but we are living in the Digital Era, and with time, everything and everyone is going Digital.

Digital Marketing is the future, and it will not be obsolete in the coming 100s of Years.

If you don’t believe me, go and check how much companies and countries are spending on their Digital Marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing is the need of this day and age, the fact is Digital Marketing is advancing with each passing day, but many marketers are not.

Today we lack good marketers; we have more of good advertisers than marketers.

This industry is the ocean of opportunities, but if you really want to succeed, you have to take the pain of learning the concepts.