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[Google] Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing: How a marketer increases consideration for a business

The second stage of the marketing funnel is consideration. During the consideration stage, a business builds interest in their product or service. The potential customer knows about the product. The business provides information to move the customer closer to a purchase.

While there are similar strategies between the awareness and consideration stage, there is a difference. The consideration stage typically provides more in-depth and persuasive information than the awareness stage.

A fictional company that makes leather phone cases, Cuero Protect, has tens of thousands of potential customers who are aware of their products. They are trying to build interest and desire in those potential customers.

Here are some marketing strategies Cuero Protect uses to build interest:

Remarketing ads

Remarketing ads are advertisements delivered to previous purchasers or visitors to a brand’s website or social media. Cuero Protect would like to advertise to potential customers who visit their website or social media pages. After someone visits their website or social media page, Cuero Protect remarkets ads for the specific product page they visited.

For example, when someone visits the product page for the leather iPhone case, Cuero Protect can deliver ads for that product to that visitor on Instagram. If the visitor would like to learn more about the leather iPhone case, they can click on a link to revisit the website. If the visitor wants to learn more about the brand, they can easily visit Cuero Protect’s Instagram account.

Email marketing

When someone visits Cuero Protect’s website, the person is encouraged to sign up for the email list to receive a 15% first order discount. While some visitors make a purchase immediately with this discount, most do not.

Cuero Protect keeps in touch with these customers through email marketing. Once a week, potential customers receive emails about leather-based products, including phone cases. Through the emails, Cuero Protect also informs new customers about the brand’s story, including how the business started, their quality leather, sustainability, and how they’re inspiring their customers.


Testimonials are when customers share their experiences with a company’s products. To increase interest among potential customers, Cuero Protect includes positive testimonials on product pages, on their social media, and periodically in emails.

Potential customers read the testimonials of current customers and gain confidence in the product’s quality. The potential customers also start to imagine what it would be like to own the leather phone case.

Unique selling proposition

A unique selling proposition (USP) explains why a product or service is better than the competition. Cuero Protect decides that it needs to better explain why their products are preferable to those of their competitors.

Cuero Protect’s USP is “Phone cases with premium leather and design that can go everywhere you do.” This USP clearly states why a customer should buy their leather phone cases. To make the unique selling proposition effective, Cuero Protect includes it throughout their website and marketing materials. They state it clearly and often.

Key takeaways

To build interest in potential customers, Cuero Protect uses remarketing ads, email marketing, testimonials, and a revamped unique selling proposition.

The marketing strategies a company uses in the consideration phase can vary drastically. Cuero Protect’s products are under $80. For higher priced products and services, more in-depth strategies may be needed, such as webinars, case studies, and free trials. The higher priced the product, typically the longer it takes to build interest in a potential customer.

After a company builds interest in their products and brand, they should focus on strategies for the next funnel stage, conversion.