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[Google] Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing: How a marketer increases the loyalty of customers post-purchase

In the loyalty stage of the marketing funnel, businesses encourage paying customers to become repeat customers and brand advocates. Think of brand advocates as people who are voices of the brand. They tell their family and friends about their purchase and how great the brand is.

A business wants brand advocates because these people are providing passionate, enthusiastic recommendations for their products. This type of recommendation is priceless for a brand. Plus, brand advocates don’t cost any additional marketing dollars!

We will continue with our example of Cuero Protect, the leather phone case business. Currently, Cuero Protect has tens of thousands of customers. However, they haven’t applied specific strategies to build loyalty in their customers to turn them into brand advocates.

Here are some strategies Cuero Protect uses to build loyalty among its customers:

Social shares

Social shares are when a person shares a brand’s content with their social media followers. Currently, Cuero Protect doesn’t receive many content shares from their followers.

In an earlier reading, we mentioned that Cuero Protect is focusing their Instagram content on style and fashion advice. They believe this content shift will make customers more likely to share their content.

In addition to improved social media content, Cuero Protect also decides to have monthly product giveaways to customers who share their recent purchase on social media. Every month they select one customer who tags their Instagram account in a post to receive the giveaway.

Encourage reviews

Reviews indicate how satisfied a customer is with a purchase. A detailed positive review persuades a potential customer to make a purchase themselves.

One aspect of reviews that isn’t often discussed is the brand loyalty it builds among the reviewer. When someone takes the time to write about why they are satisfied with a product, the reviewer develops positive feelings about the product and builds brand loyalty.

Currently, Cuero Protect displays reviews on their product pages. However, they don’t encourage customers to write product reviews. To receive more product reviews, they decide to send a follow up email to the customer encouraging them to write a review one week after the leather phone case gets delivered.

Send freebies

Freebies are items that a customer receives in addition to the product. Previously, Cuero Protect did not send freebies with their products. Now, along with their products, they send a branded sticker, small magnet, and instructional card that tells the customer how to care for the leather product.

This type of gesture can create a connection with the brand. Some customers will place the magnet on the refrigerator and the sticker on their laptop or water bottle. This public display of a brand turns them into brand advocates. It also reminds anyone who sees the sticker or magnet of the brand, including the customer!

Remarket customers with other products

Cuero Protect sells other products besides leather phone cases. They also sell items such as leather watch bands, wallets, and tablet cases. They would like to advertise these products to previous customers and turn them into repeat customers.

Recall that remarketing ads are advertisements delivered to previous purchasers, subscribers, or visitors to a website. Based on what the customer previously purchased, Cuero Protect decides to serve ads that recommend products the customer didn’t purchase.

For example, if a customer purchased a brown leather phone case, they may receive ads with a brown leather wallet to compliment the case.

Key takeaways

By providing social share opportunities, encouraging reviews, sending freebies, and remarketing customers with other products, Cuero Protect hopes to build brand loyalty. Turning previous customers into loyal promoters of the brand is a low-cost or no-cost way to get even more sales.